Dr. Tansel Yucelen

Dr. Tansel Yucelen

Laboratory for Autonomy, Control, Information, and Systems

Courses Taught

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    Advanced Control Systems (Tansel Yucelen)

    This graduate course introduces students to the basics and advanced concepts in feedback control systems using state-space methods. Topics covered include system modeling, realization theory, input-output controllable and observable canonical relationships, system stability, Lyapunov equation, controllability and observability, Kalman decomposition, feedback control via pole placement and linear quadratic gaussian, Riccati equation, estimation theory, and introduction to nonlinear systems theory.

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    Adaptive Control Systems (Tansel Yucelen)

    This graduate course introduces students to the basics of adaptive control systems and its current state of the art. Thought the course both synthesis and analysis of adaptive control laws for mechanical and aerospace systems will be presented based on nonlinear stability theory. This course will also cover universal function approximation tools for adaptive control systems as well as robustness and performance considerations in their design.

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    Control Systems (Tansel Yucelen)

    This undergraduate course introduces students to the basics of designing and analyzing feedback control systems using classical methods. Topics covered include system modeling, transfer functions, time response, block diagrams, system stability, steady state error, root locus plots, Bode plots, Nyquist plots, and feedback control concepts. Based on the courses taught at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Dr. Yucelen received the Class of 1942 Excellence in Teaching Award by the Miner Alumni Association.


    Outreach is an integral component of academia, where it contains a wide array of exciting and rewarding opportunities to keep both the academia and the researchers growing. For this reason, we actively participate and initiate a considerable set of university-level, community-level, and professional-level outreach activities as dedicated researchers. Specifically, we have initiated the Forum on Robotics and Control Engineering (FoRCE). This nonprofit forum is dedicated to the dissemination of cutting-edge research results and education perspectives on control systems to broader community around the globe, primarily through online seminars. They enable individuals from academia, government, and industry to follow the state of the art tools and recent methods being developed. The audience of these seminars, which is primarily composed of online undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and instructors, have a chance to ask live questions and participate in fruitful discussions with speakers.

    Emails have been popular since late 1990s as a rapid method of exchanging messages between people. In the control systems community, in particular, well-known email listservs such as IEEE Control Systems Society State Space Forum and ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division Listserv (dscd-list@googlegroups.com) provide a great way for academic information dissemination. Due to the lack of a global email listserv in the guidance, navigation, and control community, one of the communities we have been highly active, we have created the Guidance, Navigation, and Control Listserv. The purpose of the GNC-L is to distribute news and announcements related to guidance, navigation, and control to subscribers on its server. After subscribing to the GNC-L, a subscriber can simply send their email for distributing the intended message and all other subscribed people receive the message through email. Currently, this email listserv has around 1,400 subscribers. For using this communication tool at no cost and accessing most recent Guidance, Navigation, and Control news and announcements, subscribe to this listserv by sending an email to listserv@listserv.usf.edu with no text on the subject line but write "subscribe gnc" without quotation marks to the body of your email. Once subscribed, simply email to gnc@listserv.usf.edu for distributing your news and announcements. You will also start to receive most recent Guidance, Navigation, and Control news and announcements after subscribing.

    In addition to FoRCE and GNC-L initiatives, we organized many invited conference sessions and workshops, where we also suppored K-12 outreach through exciting demonstrations and events (see photos below).

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